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About RPA Civil

As a fully integrated civil and development company, RPA Civil have got the expertise which is needed to bring innovation and efficiency to any project.


We have developed a wide range of construction services that cater to the following market segments:

  • Heavy Civil Construction

  • Commercial/Industrial construction

  • Municipal construction

  • Land Development

  • Equipment Hire

  • Construction and development of roads

  • Construction of bridges

  • Asphalt paving service

  • Roller Compacting

  • Retaining walls

  • Sidewalks & curbs

  • Drainage

  • Laying culverts

  • Bridges

  • Jetty



Our team of experienced staffs in the civil divisions are handling major projects such as bridges, road construction, construction of bridges and jetty’s and successfully completing the projects on time.

Our projects team keep monitoring the projects to ensure that the projects are delivered on time to our clients. 

Major Clients:

  • Fulton Hogan Fiji

  • Fiji Roads Authority

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